Private Yoga Instruction

Yoga instruction has traditionally happened between teacher and individual student. Private instruction is recommended to be given and taught a personal practice to do in the intimacy of your own home. Private instruction is available for a fee of $60.00 per hour.


Small Group Instruction

Tamar offers group classes in her home. Her home studio can accommodate up to 8 students. Gather a group of friends and if there is a mutual day and time, a class can happen. Fee to be negotiated.



Learn the forgotten principles of practice as taught by TKV Desikachar as learned from his father Sri T krishnamacharya. There is a simple, yet profound, technology of breath and movement, breath initiating movement, receiving the inhale from above, exhaling from below and all returning to the hridaya, the source of all life,  that can be easily taught and learned.   Yoga with all it benefits is of great value in this time. 2-3 hours.

Learn to chant vedic mantra. Learn the basics and begin a chanting practice. Add chanting to your already established yoga practice. Discover for yourself the benefit of chanting. 2-3 hours


Contact Tamar to inquire about scheduling a workshop.

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