With an engaged and interactive style, Tamar Zick is a yoga teacher who is sincerely interested in her students. Her heartfelt desire is to offer yoga with the intention of facilitating each student’s unique unfolding in their own life.

During the past 10 years, Tamar has undertaken a serious inquiry into yoga – the practice of yoga as it applies to living life fully as it has already been given, not yoga as a self improvement project or a workout.   She teaches, studies and practices in accordance with teachings from Sri Krishnamacharya as brought forth by his son, TKV Desikachar. With great respect for this lineage, Tamar has gone to great lengths to seek out her teachers. She has accumulated over 1000 hours of learning with various teachers who were direct students of TKV Desikachar. Her teachers are Mark Whitwell, Chase Bossart, Dolphi Wertenbaker, Gary Kraftsow and Mirka Kraftsow.

Having worked as a psychotherapist for many years, Tamar sees each person’s capacity to be at home in their own body as essential to an authentic life which is each person’s birthright. The practice of yoga as the direct participation in life as it has already been given is what Tamar hopes to transmit to her students.

There are many different paths that Tamar has traveled, most all of which center on exploring life alongside a group of fellow human beings. She has worked as a wilderness expeditionary teacher with the Outward Bound Schools, led wilderness trips for adult survivors of sexual abuse, and guided wilderness based adventure travel. She is a 7, the Enthusiast, in the Enneagram system, enthusiastic about the whole mess of life

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